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Reactions to eMANcipation

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"eMANcipation - a must see!"

"eMANNzipation - the story of a battered man that takes control of his destiny. Brilliantly written, directed and performed with such elegance and sensitivity! A must see!"

Yurij Luhovy
Producer & Director (Montreal, Canada)

"a sublime blend of styles and great performances"

"eMANcipation surprises with an extraordinary look at gender roles, a sublime blend of styles and great performances. The film is an entertaining uncertainty – or if you will, an uncertain entertainment. It plays with clichés, turns them around, but it doesn't stop with a plain reversal: -strong woman – weak man. The behavioral patterns start to tumble regardless of the gender.

Being non-confrontational is not necessarily a sign of a special sensitivity. Sometimes it is cowardice - sometimes convenience. That man and woman should meet at an 'eye-level' seems an insurmountable ideal. eMANcipation approaches this ideal with lots of humor and willful pathos. Notwithstanding the ambitious interweavements of time layers, the story is told calmly. All the more effective are the changes of pace that create suspense at the crucial moments."

Benedikt Gondolf
editorial journalist, ZDF-TV (Berlin)

"I am thrilled about eMANcipation"

"I am thrilled about eMANcipation: such an incredibly interesting story. There's a great introduction scene using a food preparation sequence. The performances are so good, one could get the impression the writer/director first cast the actors and then custom-tailored the dialogues to perfectly fit the actors. This movie is suspense-packed but also very humorous. The main character is so lovable you just to comfort him with hugs."

Zazou Jeschonnek
Student, (Berlin)

"one of the best films I've seen this year"

"eMANcipation knocked me out. Rich in story, directing, performances, and editing; the best film at the Kansas International Film Festival, and one of the best films I've seen this year, including all that Hollywood has to offer. Philipp Müller-Dorn has done a remarkable job of revealing a little known yet serious subject that is hidden inside a warm and humorous script."

Philip Neel
Film Editor/Director [Harry's Law, Boston Legal, Ally McBeal/Lesson Plan]
(Los Angeles, USA)

"an awe-inspiring movie with great depth"

I am absolutely enthused about this film. eMANcipation is an awe-inspiring movie with great depth. Frightening realistic sequences, a roller-coaster ride between comedic and dramatic scenes, great visuals and beautiful score on top of very passionate performances..

Marion Kühnaß
Author (Berlin)

"a phenomenal showcase of great character appeal!"

eMANNzipation is a phenomenal showcase of great character appeal! It's quite luring to see a man's point of view in a stereotypical women's situation. It's no wonder this was such a hit with the audience at the Kansas International Film Festival!

Stacy Rich
Author & Treasurer for 'Women In Film' (Missouri, USA)

"an outstanding movie with an uplifting story"

"EMANNzipation screened this week at the 11th annual Kansas International Film Festival, winning the audience award. This is a very good movie. Writer-director Philipp Müller-Dorn has made a movie that could have been farce or "heavy, social concern." Instead, he has made a movie that is serious, but with moments of comedy and characters that are honest and human.

The story is about Dominik (Urs Stampfli), a husband and father who gets abused by his wife. He goes to a men's shelter and tries to put his life back together. At the shelter, he meets the director and the occupants who want to help him deal with the situation. Dominik joins their group therapy sessions and starts hearing the others' stories. The other members represent archetypes, but are never caricatures.

As Dominik continues at the shelter, he reveals more of his situation. Director Müller-Dorn has made a movie where he balances humor and pathos well. As Dominik reveals how he met his wife, Angela (Frances Heller), the audience is drawn in. Muller-Dorn and cinematographer Mathias Geck have made the romance a visual delight. It is romantic, sweet and charmingly funny. Müller-Dorn and Geck have photographed Heller in such a way that there is no question why Dominik falls in love with her. The camera and the audience fall in love with Angela as well. As Dominik continues the therapy sessions, the dark side of the marriage appears.

The tone is just right, with the performances being solid and balanced. Of note is Heller's courageous performance that is the solid foundation of the movie. If her performance was any less than perfect, the movie would not work. This is an outstanding movie with strong performances, no preaching, and actually an uplifting story. Seek it out.

Also, pay attention to the opening credits because the food preparation sequence sets the tone for the entire movie."

Anthony Morningstar
Author (Overland Park, USA)