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  • Dominik Liebmann – mathematician, 35 years old

    Seeing Dominik today one would think he is a broken drifter. But it is not that long ago when his life seemed very different: A successful mathematician in a well paid position. A little eccentric and definitely not a ladies-man but with a composed character and a good heart.

    After he got married to Angela his life turn into a nightmare. He is caught between two beliefs: On the one hand he finds that a man should never hit a woman; on the other hand he strongly believes that a man should always be there for his family.

    And so he endures the beatings and the humiliations from his wife. Not until a new love appears in Dominiks life, a truely strong woman, will Dominik find an opportunity to adopt a new definition of what it means to be a man and become 'eMANcipated'.

  • Angela Liebmann – 21 years old

    At the age of 18 and pregnant Angela leaves her hometown in Northern Hessia to move to Berlin rush into a marriage with Dominik.

    But she seem unable to cope with her new role as a housewife and mother. She tries to escape from her discontent with wild parties and excessive alcohol consumption. And her attitude towards her husband Dominik grows more and more violent.

  • Belinda Krüger – attorney-at-law, 33 years old

    Belinda is a determined and smart Woman and an avid karate student. She had enough of the her husbands unending macho behaviour and his possessive jealousy and divorced him. But she still works with him as partners iof the same law firm.

    Belinda is drawn to Dominiks shy and contained manner, although she is aware of the problems that come with his passiveness and his non-confrontational way. She wants to face her partner on eye level.

  • Holger Gercke – head of the Männerhaus, 38 years old

    Holger is a long-term law student. Twice he failed the bar exam.

    As head of the Männerhaus, the shelter for abused men, he functions as a self-proclaimed therapist and protector of abused men. The provides him with the so sorely needed feeling of achievement that he misses so sorely in hin unending law studies.

  • Horst Ludwig – ex-trucker, 54 years old

    Two things are essentiell for Horst:a good conversation and a rich, delicious meal. Inadvertently he shows a softer side and is prone to tears but he has a great sense of empathy.

    Horst was also bullied, tormented and beaten by his wife and she kicked him out of their apartemnt. Now the Männerhaus is his refuge from his marriage of hell.

  • Andreas Behnicke – unemployed banker, 38 years old

    Andreas likes to be well prepared. He is a thourough worker and a precise thinker. After a few abusive relationships he got addicted to alcohol and lost his job and his house.

    Although the group therapy sessions are more about domestic abuse, Andreas uses them essentially to deal with his acoholism.

  • Gregor Sundermann – novelist, 52 years old

    A couple of years ago Gregor wrote a best-selling novel, but after years living in an abusive marriage all of his riches are gone.

    Gregor is a doctrinaire stickler for detail whose know-it-all attitude drives everyone else crazy. He is confrontational but skillfully articulate. Gregors direct manner is perceived as inappropiate and rude by Dominik.

  • Lukas Miesel – piano teacher, 34 years old

    Lukas is a romantic artist who is in need of constant harmony. Many years Lukas has been beaten by his wife.

    After he divorced her he found the strength to come out of the closet. But then in his first relationship with a man he got abused and beaten even worse than before.

    In the Männerhaus he finds the help to put his life back together and to learn to take responsibility for his own actions.